TheShoeCosmetics is the only place where sneakers come for makeovers! Its time for you to book your next pair of sneakers in for a makeover. Its time to create your own...

So your interest in booking your next makeover but you don't know where to start, right? Here is a guide for you that will walk you through how we work and types of general questions we get regarding our sneaker makeovers. 

Firsts things first.

There is no specific or magic pricing for our commissions. Much like any other type of artist we base our pricing off the time, effort and complexity of the sneaker makeover. We do have packages that will give you a general estimate and understanding of our price ranges. Final price will be discussed after design, shoe and shipping location have been agreed on. 


1. What kind of sneakers do you customize?

We customize almost any type of shoe and sneaker. From sneakers from your favorite brands to casual pumps and gym trainers. Anything is a canvas for a makeover here at TheShoeCosmetics. Maybe you have an all time favorite sneaker you want customizing, an upcoming race or event you want a special pair of shoes for. Your kids, friends or partners birthday coming? We got you, send their favorite. silhouette in for a sneaker makeover. The possibilities are endless.


2. What material should the shoe be?

The shoes can be any material. However, when painting shoes there are a couple of small limitations you should be made aware of. Painting on plastics and rubbers such as soles and eyelets can be done, but not recommended. Scratching, grazing and general wear may result in scratching, peeling and cracking as the paint does not adhere to these materials properly. We take all necessary steps to create the strongest bond possible but that doesn't mean its not indestructible. As I say, it can be done but order at your own risk. Leathers, mesh and other type of fabrics are perfect for sneaker makeovers.


3. Can I ship my own sneakers into

Of Course! Please make sure you have considered the guidelines and recommendations so your sneaker is suitable for a makeover. 
You shoe or sneaker must be either brand new or in almost brand new condition. Absolutely no beat or dirty footwear. Please don't waste your time sending them in. We will simply just send them back...
If you are unsure whether your sneakers or shoes are acceptable, please feel free to send us any pictures you have so we can verify them.

If you would like us to take care of grabbing the shoe or sneaker you need for your sneaker makeover we would be more then happy to help. If you are struggling for ideas or inspiration we have a selection of sneakers to choose from in our Create Your Own collections.


4. How much are the makeovers?


 For a general price bracket on our sneaker makeovers we have three price ranges: 

- Simple Makeover $55-$80
- Intermediate Makeover $80-$150
- Complex Makeover $150+

These prices do not include price of footwear or shipping charges. Simply for the commission. Again, price of makeover will depend on design, commission time and complexity. 

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