Our Guarantee

Its one thing to make a pair of custom sneakers look good. Its totally another thing to make them durable. We make artwork that lasts, and if they don't - we want to know about it. 

We don't consider a sale complete until your customs are worn out and you are still satisfied. Our guarantee is a handshake - a promise that we'll be fair with each other. 

So if you find there is something wrong or your customs are not lasting as long as you think they should, we'll take care of it!

Every pair of custom sneakers you order from us is individually manufactured by hand just for you. This is why we want to make sure you're 100% content with your order. Please, Please make sure you order the correct size. 


The following reasons do not qualify for a return or refund: 

  1. Sneakers do not fit properly 
  2. Misunderstood the image of the product
  3. Not the shade or color you wanted
  4. Change of mind / No longer want item
  5. Ordered wrong item by mistake 


If you find yourself in the situation that you are not 100% happy with your purchase. Please get in contact with us. We'd be happy to rectify the situation. 

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